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Member since October 3, 2010 - Page Hits: 157

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AlaskanYetti's Guestbook

Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:22 pm
by: resonanteyeArtist

post some pictures! xox

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Old Fat And Ugly

Sea Above

Mr. Yetti

Location: OKC, Oklahoma, United States

Sex: Male

Age: 43

Marital Status: Married

Job: Scab Merchant

Sign: Virgo

I joined Tattoodles because: Adam Sky is sexy in tight britches.

Body type: In round.

My tattoos: older and uglier than the rest of me

My tattoo wishlist: TLC to go bankrupt

My body mods: massive stomach extension

Fave bands: Those Poor Bastards

Fave flicks: anything by Alex Jones and any real fighting

Fave TV: an unplugged one

Fave books: too many to list

Fave foods: Samoan

Member since: Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:16 pm

Vices: internet forums

Current crush: truth and honesty

Most embarrassing moment: Moonshine and Viagra and my Grandpa's goats

Favorite quote: Thomas Jefferson....period.

What makes me frisky: Viagra and Moonshine

My favorite poison: Moonshine and Viagra

My favorite hangout: work


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