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Member since July 24, 2007 - Page Hits: 18

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in the process of blooming/dancing to remember, to forget & remember

a bug, a plant, a learner, a lover

be well.

Location: Seoul, Korea, Republic of

Sex: Male

Age: 37

Marital Status: Single

Job: Currently, I am working for the University of Pittsburgh. However, starting 25 Aug 07, I will be living in Seoul, S. Korea, and working for the Metro. Office of Education. Conversational English puppet, in a way...aka a teacher.

Sign: Gemini

I joined Tattoodles because: It was recommend to me by my wonderfully gifted and kind-hearted tattoo artist, Jason Lambert of Eye Candy Tattoos, as a community resource for artists in the US and abroad.
I would like very much to collect special reminders of my travels in the next few years. Particularly, I would like to find any sound and talented folk in the Seoul Metro area, who tattoo.

Be well.

Body type: average

My tattoos: ants on my right tit/chest/shoulder; coleus on my left shoulder ball.

My tattoo wishlist: Many more ants.

Other plants.

Eventually, a queen ant; this will hopefully happen at the right time/right place/right age.

My body mods: plugs in ears;right nipple ring

Member since: Tue Jul 24, 2007 5:56 pm


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