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Member since June 30, 2005 - Page Hits: 421

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Girlmoto's Guestbook

Fri Dec 08, 2006 10:53 pm
by: RikoArtist

Thanks for adding!!!

Mon Feb 20, 2006 2:29 pm
by: p-d-bill

well dang i missed a gain lol that for stoping bye ( | ) <-[][]

Sat Feb 18, 2006 12:18 pm
by: p-d-bill

never meet a girl born in june nice to meet ya <-[][]

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Heebee Jeebees!

I like to ride the short bus to work!

Deva Bales

Location: Long Beach, California, United States

Sex: Female

Age: 39

Marital Status: N/A

Job: Nerd

Sign: Cancer

I joined Tattoodles because: I have a problem

Body type: Normal

My tattoos: Cloud on the inside of left wrist with green hearts and pink stars (purple horse shoes nah JK) Nautical star blk/pnk on the back of my neck. TOUGH GIRL written in script underneath is a green shamrock...Under that is my first tattoo, it is my last name in Old English red to black fade...I have a crappy hack job piece on my back of a valkryie on hourse back with a celtic flag over a dead viking, I have Xavior Roberts signature and "79" on my left butt cheek just like a cabbage patch doll, and an unmentionable by my unmentionable which will be cover by something someday. Devil swallow on the left side of my chest and an angle swallow on the right with two banners that read..."If I exorsize my demons, my angels may leave too" The flash for that I jacked from someones gallery on Tattoodles, so thank you so fucking much who ever you are, I love them. I have the virgin Mary on the side of my throat, the matching tattoo from boondock saints! I think that sums it up.

My tattoo wishlist: I want two coverups. My backpiece and my unmentionable. I think I am going to get a pirate map on my back to cover the valkryie and let the treasure lead around the front my my sweet spot and put a sunken pirate ship there. Sound good to me!

My body mods: Monroe (on the wrong side cause I have a little one that I was born with), Labret, Navel. 00 Gauge plugs

Fave bands: yeah, like I am gonna sit here and type all 9 million bands, no, I think not, NOT TODAY MY FRIENDS

Fave flicks: Boondock movie ever in the history of movies...

Fave TV: Court TV, Adult Swim, Cops, and Simpsons

Fave books: Dr. Suess, Shakespeare


Member since: Thu Jun 30, 2005 12:39 am

Vices: Right now the only vice I have is tattoos, fine beer and cheap whores!

Most embarrassing moment: I don't embarrass

What makes me frisky: Spankens >:)

My favorite poison: Guinniess (just below room temp, with good froathy head) because everyone deserves good head every now and then


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