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Member since August 20, 2012 - Page Hits: 36

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Professional procrastinator. I grew up in and around tattooing and definitely learned a lot. I work 6 days a week. Just now trying to figure out how to paint. My apprenticeship was machine building, trash talking, and needle making, not flash painting. =(

Jessica McDermott

Location: Santa Cruz, California, United States

Sex: Female

Age: 36

Marital Status: N/A

Job: My Pops is a tattooer. Opened the first shop here in Santa Cruz in '92. I recently purchased a mini second location he had and called it Illuminati Tattoo. Ive been tattooing professionally (being payed money) since 2007.

Sign: Sagittarius

I joined Tattoodles because: I need outside eyes.

Body type: HUGE

My tattoos: Most of my tattoos were done by my dad early on. I took a pretty long break, then wised up seeking out (more) artists i look up to.

My tattoo wishlist: Too many names, not enough skin

My body mods: Bleh

Fave bands: Neurosis, YOB, Loss, Noothgrush, blah blah blah

Fave flicks: Gaspar Noe

Fave books: I cant read

Fave foods: All of the above

Member since: Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:51 pm

Vices: Smoking, coffee, whiskey, food,

Current crush: Scott Michael Kelley. Always.


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