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Member since March 19, 2005 - Page Hits: 382

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MFG1's Guestbook

Sat Dec 09, 2006 6:08 am
by: green_girl

Your guestbook is amusing too! Very funny post, I laughed and laughed.

Wed Sep 20, 2006 7:06 pm
by: rainmanArtist

hey man we got to get together b 4 i leave, for a coffee or somethin...hit me back

Fri Sep 08, 2006 5:26 pm
by: VinnyMeyerArtist

pleasure was all mine, till next time

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MFG1's Blog

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 - 06:44 PM

our new child

Well its actually a dog, but its close enough for me, we picked her up today, pics in the gallery! her name is maggie.


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I'm me, that's me, I'm him.

I wanted to see your Utopia, but now I see it's more like a fruitopia.

Location: , Ontario, Canada

Sex: Male

Age: 46

Marital Status: In a relationship

Job: functional artist, electrician

Sign: Sagittarius

I joined Tattoodles because: the cool kids are here

Body type: normal

My tattoos: koi, treefrog, sparrow, dragon head, Japanese windbars, Perry Farrell, haida Salmon, Wizard of Oz

My tattoo wishlist: a skeletal mary from cynroux

My body mods: just constant slivers from work, chickenpox scar between my eyes

Fave bands: this month, The Stone Roses

Fave flicks: I haven't seen a good movie in a while. any recommendations?

Fave TV: the big bang theroy ,little britian

Fave books: the giving tree by shel silverstein, anything by WSB,
Mark my words, mark twain quoteables

Fave foods: indian food, garlic bread with cheese, grilled cheese, cheese

Member since: Sat Mar 19, 2005 11:52 am

Vices: nothings gotta hold on me man!!

Current crush: ice.

Most embarrassing moment: letting out a huge fart after being punched in the kidneys in highschool, during graduation ceremony, gimmie a break I was sick

Favorite quote: dont make your poor planning my responsibility;
Just because some people know how to write and do a little math , doesnt mean they deserve to run the universe.....
Your mom goes to college....
When red headed people are above a certain social grade their hair is auburn.... Mark Twain

What makes me frisky: consistency!!! anywhere south of the equator, I went to a catholic high school,kilts, Im a leg man!! smiles do it too!

My favorite poison: The old Mr.Pibb

My favorite hangout: anywhere theres no phone, no car, no luxuries, where I can be as primitive as can b


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