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Monday, July 20, 2009 - 01:23 PM


ARtist InSurgencE

This is a manifesto.

This is a manifesto for all artists in the skin trade, meticulously uniting art and body, forever fusing skin and symbol.

This is a manifesto for those who have chosen to lead lives of less conventional work and toil over flesh fissures, bartering blood for beauty.

This is a manifesto for Derma-graphic Illustrators everywhere and for those hopeful of someday becoming one, joining the ranks of Skin Shamans, learning and honing that ancient vocation found in all corners of the world.

This is a manifesto for a new breed of tattoo artist. This is a declaration for those who are changing an industry riddled with disregard for the public and for the producers of permanent pulchritude.

This is our call to arms. No longer will we, the colorful class of exploited craftsmen and women, sit idly by and watch our work, wages, skill, and creativity be controlled and compromised by particularly parsimonious proprietors. Hungry heads of state beware.

Long gone are the days of unknowing uninformed worker drones who curtsy and conform to every command barked at them from above. Today harks a new day of critically-aware and self-thinking free artisans, no longer blind to the crown’s chicanery.

Business owners’ dominion over us grows ever smaller. In most cases we are declared subcontractors of the independent kind. In the often rapacious oculi and empty encephala of repressive ringleaders, we are seen as employees, that bastard cousin of the subservient slave.

Know your rights. Employees must collect hourly wages. If collecting commission, you are not an employee. If you are not an employee, you are not your supervisor’s servant.
Fixed hours and fallacious practices do not apply to such parties.

Regarding the collection of commission, settle for nothing less than fifty percent. You are the creator; make sure you are compensated as such. Miserly managers will try to swindle us of our silver, but we the educated masses will keep a fastened fix on our finances.

Never relinquish creative control over your compendium of compositions. If you choose compromise in a situation, let it be with your own circumspection. Those dense in the ways of design will demand drab drawings from us, but we, the cognizant, creative class will steer the misinformed multitude towards seals of style and marks of magnificence.

Let the festooning of odious ornamentation be left alone. These are matters of concern only for Kitchen Magicians, Scratchers, those incongruent with imaginative integrity. While we promote adulation for our craft, so must we reflect this in our amiable artistry.

When permanently parlaying a person’s pelt, we do so only and always in sanitary surroundings. Those unconcerned or unfamiliar with cleanliness are our enemies and should be treated to reeducation with a focus on why clean conditions are so critical.

It is our responsibility to inform ourselves and others of the importance of a pristine practice. Failure to do so is a disservice to us and our patrons. Concerning the tattoo community, an unclean artist is an unwelcome one. Symbolize the salubrious specialist.

Apprentices and future apprentices take note: your pursuit is one for knowledge and should be treated as such. Many covetous coaches will attempt to cheat you out of your time and legal tender with disregard to your inquiry for information. Do your research before falling prey to these hungry vultures.

It is essential that an effort is made to talk to as many experts in the field as one can possibly hold encounters with. An informed and studious student is not one easily swindled. Always be overly critical and wary upon signing documentation presented by seemingly authoritative persons.

Always be present and ready to interject thoughtful insights wherever questions of legalities and legislation arise. It is our duty to participate in and help forge the terms that dictate our trade. From this day forward, we refuse to let others think for us.

Whenever possible, we will push towards becoming our own masters. With no chiefs above to control and cheat us, we are free to start our own endeavors, creating cooperative artist communes, offering mutual aide to any and all within the community.

Managers are no longer necessary when the artists manage themselves. We freely work as we freely create. Always remember that your boss needs you, you don’t need your boss.

Refuse to don the ensemble of elitism; holding yourself above other artists will only lead to a lamentable life. The hoarding of secrets is what fuels oppressive hierarchy. It is through the education of all that wish to learn, that the art and field will truly grow. Altruistic artists will always breed more admirable art.

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