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Rose's Blog

Monday, December 26, 2011 - 06:51 PM

losing time and Erica

I used to know and then I didn't. I used to have, and then I had not.

Messages, and packages. Photos and some thought. We shared some words, and ideas and more material things and then we did not. As it was with many here, and as it has been elsewhere. Time took us to different places as we made our lives into differing things.

I always had the idea that she was just finding herself. Delighted with who she became she was coming to realize she always had been, just the same. Good in those ways she wanted to be, but maybe better in those ways she was going to be.

...and she, was, good, gifted.

..and I loved her art, and I found common ground even where we differed.

I found a journal she had given me, her drawings decorating front and back. It was to write those things down that I so often thought. I have that book that she sent me, signed by her grandmother, and the magnet alluding to our families is still on my refrigerator door.

...and I thought of her. I thought of her just yesterday.

I lost a sense of time and I lost contact.

Then, we all lost, Erica.

It was over a year ago to all of you, but to me it was just today. I just found out today.

I wanted to say; I remembered her and I will remember her always.

She created so many things, and some of them in us.

God bless you arty and thank you for your gifts. May you rest in peace and may some peace of you live always.

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“losing time and Erica” Comments

Rose said on Monday, December 26, 2011 - 06:54 PM

I hope I offend no one with posting this. I "met" Erica here and I see her remembered here. It seemed the best place, to me, to post these words.

...and if she looks on from the afterlife; I know its on her family, her friends, and this website.

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