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Member since March 26, 2007 - Page Hits: 194

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WorkingM's Guestbook

Tue May 12, 2009 12:33 pm
by: missakasha

Please return the smooch! xo

Thu May 07, 2009 4:45 pm
by: gnrtattoo

please kiss me back, im trying to beat russmo! :D

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Tattooing 10 years

Michael Janvrin

Location: , Florida, United States

Sex: Male

Age: 48

Marital Status: Married

Sign: Capricorn

I joined Tattoodles because: Read Street closed

Body type: average

My tattoos: varied, mostly done by friends over the years

Fave bands: Devotchka, The Cramps, Bauhaus

Fave flicks: I love films, so anything well acted or amusing

Fave TV: me no likey stoopid box

Fave books: science fiction and hard boiled

Fave foods: spicy

Member since: Mon Mar 26, 2007 4:40 pm

Vices: cigars and good beer

Current crush: sara rue

Favorite quote: "Ok brain, I don't like you and you don't like me, so lets do this and then I can get back to killing you with beer"

What makes me frisky: big boobs and junk in the trunk

My favorite poison: St Bernadus, Sam Smith's Taddy Porter, Grimbergen


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