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anjuu's Blog

Sunday, June 17, 2007 - 09:23 PM


Well, I suppose an update is in order.

As a tattoo related entry, work has been busy. I started a full sleeve project that I am absolutely STOKED about. I have pictures to post, but unfortunately, when I took the pictures, I stored them on my camera's internal memory stick instead of the removable one. It figures that I have misplaced my camera cable just in the nick of time...Anyways, we did most of the outline, excluding a small section on the back of the tricep. He will be back for a session of colour next week, so I will work some mojo when I see him next.

I did a pirate tattoo, which is always fun. My client was so stoked, Mike called me the next day to tell me he ran into the guy at a bar last night. He said my client was running all over the place showing everyone his tattoo. Mike called him over to talked to him (my client has know idea who Mike is). The dude went nuts, giving the shop so many props, then Mike unleashed his identity as the 'owner.' My client was ecstatic! I thought it was a great story, and it makes me happy that Mike called me to tell me about it.
Mike does a fantastic job promoting his artists. I like having him as my boss because he knows what he's doing and knows how to keep [all] of his employees happy. Considering he owns two businesses, I think he does pretty well.

UMmmMmmMMmMmm...this weekend, I hung out with some friends and had a sushi fest. It was retardedly awesome. Yes, retardedly isn't really a word. We crashed at their house and drank ourselves silly. That was a nice, mellow, good time. We (my friends) talked about how great it is to have Saturday off, and we offered our gratitude to the Saturday gods.

I finally broke down and bought another kit for my moped. I bought another bigger carburetor, too. It will be stupid. I'll have to figure out ways to restrict the power just so I don't wake up wrapped around a tree somewhere. I'm looking forward to the Jersey rally in July. Lot's of mopeds, without too much 'hot rod attitude.'

There, that should suffice as a nice post. I suppose it is entertaining to you, yes you, who have taken the time to read this. If I had cookies, I would give you one.
Until next time...

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