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Tattoo Artist

Member since February 25, 2005 - Page Hits: 392

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anthony01's Guestbook

Fri Jan 21, 2011 6:14 pm
by: trademarkArtist

nice work man... o and thinks for you 2 cents

Tue May 26, 2009 7:00 am
by: zachadoo88

Hello there! I'd love a kiss back for the contest, thanks!

Sun May 10, 2009 9:11 am
by: missakasha

Please kiss me back! xo

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Old Soul

Avid admirer, collector, fanatic of anything tattoo!! Artist, musician!

Location: Brunswick, Ohio, United States

Sex: Male

Age: 108

Marital Status: Married

Job: Don't have one!!! I retired in March 0f 2007 when I started tattooing!!

Sign: Capricorn

I joined Tattoodles because: I wanted a quality, on-line apprenticeship!!

Body type: P90x

My tattoos: won't wash off!!

My tattoo wishlist: more

My body mods: skin yamica developing

Fave bands: STP, Kings of Leon( Holy Roller Novacaine), Otis Redding, NPR Jazz hour, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Type O Negative (Bloody Kisses), The Doors, old Dick Dale surf music, Incubus, Red hot chilli peppers, Zeppelin, Pantera, Pink Floyd, Bowie, Murder Dolls(hilarious) And all those bands that not a soul has heard of because I want to be REALLY cool and different. You know what I mean.

Fave flicks: Iron Man,GUMMO, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, American History X, Zazel, Pulp Fiction, Christmas Carol (the one from the 30's),

Fave TV: Really diggin' UFC of late. Documentaries of all kinds. Drake and Josh (no, really, it IS funny) All those silly tattoo shows of course

Fave books: Moby Dick (childs version 184pgs just finished reading to my son). No, David. The Giving Tree. Take what you can...Give Nothing Back- by Martin LaCasse. My sketch book.

Fave foods: most things cooked on a carcinogenic grill!

Member since: Fri Feb 25, 2005 10:29 pm

Vices: low tolerance for lack of common sense.

Current crush: Stacey Marie! Met her in 1992!

Most embarrassing moment: 1st grade, getting my "long" hair pinned up with bobbypins by an EVIL nun!! Also f@#king up a 60 second speech, freshman yr in H.S. in front of a bunch of sophmores, juniors, seniors in my class!!

Favorite quote: "If negativity you project, upon you it will reflect." I made that up.....pretty cool, huh?

What makes me frisky: "current crush"

My favorite poison: Caffeine

My favorite hangout: refer to "what makes me frisky"


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