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Member since June 20, 2005 - Page Hits: 2752

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aries666's Guestbook

Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:14 pm
by: Taodreamer

Sending hugs! The Kitty you made me still hangs from my rear view mirror and I think of you often. HUGS!!!

Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:03 pm
by: green_girl

Miss you! Coming back to Van soon again!

Sat Jul 25, 2009 3:55 pm
by: bananaman

Hey Ling - how are you doing? Might be moving out your way soon - so hope your cooking skills are as good as they used to be! Keep in touch :-)

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aries666's Blog

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 - 11:19 PM

its been awhile... o_O

i was in hermit mood for awhile..... just got back from my vacation.... japan and taiwan. so much as changed. it was strange... i felt so out of it. my japanese was really rusty. i pretty much wrote everything i wanted to say on a note book i brought with me. everyone there must have thought i was a mute. hahahahaa..... taipei has changed a lot too. i had an awesome time though. the food and shopping was.... was.... omg!!!! i cant wait to go back... i almost felt like staying there. hummm.... there is an idea. o_O

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this is mog my super alter ego!!! o_O

happy go lucky

Location: vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Sex: Female

Age: 41

Marital Status: Single

Job: the best god damn cookwear store in vancity, translator, amateur massage therapist, and caterer

Sign: Capricorn

I joined Tattoodles because: the little voice in me head told me to do it.

Body type: tall... lush.... and fluffy.

My tattoos: james acrow, adam sky, matt reed, clint danroth, sailor jerry swallow, chad woodley.....

My tattoo wishlist: still in the works.

Fave bands: way too many to name.

Fave flicks: matrix trilogy, LOTRs, ronin, leon, gone in 60 seconds, star wars, lilo & stich, GITS, anything by miyazaki, resident evil.... pretty much anything that perks my interests.

Fave TV: family guy, csi, mi5, my family, japanese anime ( i have to. its part of my p/t job, but i dont mind

Fave books: anything and everything i can get my hands on.

Fave foods: tofu, fruits and CHOCOLATES!

Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2005 10:01 pm

Vices: sex, chocolates and a good book.

Current crush: clive owen... viggo mortensen & milla jovovich ....... drooooool o_O

Most embarrassing moment: too many..... trying very hard to forget them.

Favorite quote: you did what with who for how many cookies?

What makes me frisky: cat nip....

My favorite poison: hot chocolate, coffee and macha

My favorite hangout: in front of my puter.... working.


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