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Tattoo Artist

Member since March 15, 2007 - Page Hits: 258

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Sat Jun 21, 2008 5:20 pm
by: C-BassArtist

Very rad work dude!!

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ballin' on a budget

tattoo illustrator
machine builder

damon burns

Location: billings, Montana, United States

Sex: Male

Age: 41

Marital Status: Married

Job: i own black sparrow tattoo club with my friend ryan rogers

Sign: Sagittarius

I joined Tattoodles because: readstreet went bye bye

Body type: breath taking

My tattoos: ok

My tattoo wishlist: new ones

Fave bands: paper chase aesop rock mf doom m ward
3 inches of blood walls of jericho

Fave flicks: shaun of the dead cable guy

Fave TV: adult swim and court tv

Fave books: bukowski

Fave foods: sushi

Member since: Thu Mar 15, 2007 11:58 pm

Vices: tattoos

Current crush: me

Most embarrassing moment: this

Favorite quote: what

What makes me frisky: boobies

My favorite poison: rat

My favorite hangout: home


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