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Member since March 27, 2005 - Page Hits: 105

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Thu Jan 19, 2006 8:38 am
by: jpIIIArtist

just wanted to say hi, and be the first to sign yo' guestbook...welcome to da hood

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jayne_doe's Blog

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 - 02:35 AM

Foot Tattoo?

Hello all,

I'm back after a long period of being MIA.

Just got a question for you fellow tattooed people out there regarding foot tattoos. I got a lotus flower going across my foot above my toes on Friday (4 days ago). My foot is still really sore and I'm still unable to walk without limping/hopping on one foot. I'm taking great care of it, keeping it elevated, washing with unscented soap, keeping it moisturized etc.
I'm just wondering when will it stop being so sore?

It's not red/bruised, swollen or anything. It's healing nicely actually! Just my foot is very painful to walk on and feeling tight.

What was your experience with your foot tattoo? Should it hurt less by day 4?

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Jayne Doe

My name is Jayne and I moved to England last year (2007). I have 7 tats right now and of course, will be getting more soon.

Location: Wokingham, United Kingdom

Sex: Female

Age: 32

Marital Status: In a relationship

Job: Working as dispatch aka MSN & Solitaire

Sign: Libra

I joined Tattoodles because: I'm a tattoo whore.

Body type: skinny

My tattoos: Left Arm: Cherry Blossoms
Right Arm: Olde English writing "Destiny"
Neck: Ankh
Belly Button: Sun
Right & Left Shoulder Blades: Chinese symbols of Love Hurts, Sin and Spirit

My tattoo wishlist: Right now I'm starting to create my 3/4 sleeve, so far I have cherry blossoms. I would like to add more soon.

My body mods: I use to have 12 piercings.. now I only have 8.
(Tongue, Monroe, Ears.)
I use to have 2 navel and bottom lip.

Fave bands: Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Tori Amos, Helium Vola, The Cranberries, Bauhaus, U2, From Autumn to Ashes, Melissa Auf Der Maur, Courtney Love, The Doors, Flogging Molly, Placebo, Radiohead, etc

Fave TV: Sex & the City, Queer As Folk, Grey's Anatomy, Crossing Jordan, Godivas, Kings of Queens, Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen, Meet The Natives

Fave books: He's Just Not That Into You (haha)

Fave foods: I love sushi, anything vegan or vegetarian, indian, mexican, and pasta

Member since: Sun Mar 27, 2005 3:00 pm

Current crush: My boyfriend Brett <3

Favorite quote: The ability to live in peace with one another is to accept all the differences between us. I would like you to come closer to me by respecting who you are. I would like to come closer to you by being who I am.

What makes me frisky: Men with tats, attitude, a good heart and care-free nature.

My favorite poison: Long Island Ice Teas or JD & Coke

My favorite hangout: Jupiter Lounge (Vancouver) and London, England. Any where with good music that serves food and drinks.


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