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lucretia's Blog

Sunday, February 14, 2010 - 11:30 AM

Maui Blog Update

Saturday February 13, 2010

Yeah, sorry I’ve been a bit shitty on keeping up on this blog. It’s tough ‘cause I get up so early (6:30-7am) then go all day and once we get home I’m super bagged and just wanna pass out. Today I am making the effort to bring this back up to date! So really just having a great time here. Been buzzing around to various parts of the island; we drove to Hana on Wednesday on the motorcycle which was incredible. So breathtakingly beautiful. I got to take a bunch of great photos of waterfalls and the scenery. Adam had the bike for 3 days and we enjoyed it much to our surprise considering it was a Harley.

We’ve been to Makawao a few times now to eat and for Adam to pick up art supplies. It’s such a great little town and a different vibe again from Paia. We discovered an amazing hole-in-the-wall breakfast place in Haiku called Rice and Spice. Seems to be the hotspot in town and the food is deeelicious! We did a hike up on the Waihou trail part way up the mountain from Makawao. It was cool, totally different landscape and scenery up there. It was a nice little hike.

I continue to jog and do some yoga. I have yet to incorporate meditation into my routine but hope to do so soon. We have gotten to know the owners Ryan and Sunny a bit so far. Very lovely people; generous, chatty and hospitable. They show up randomly asking us how we’re doing or to bring us fresh organic fruit from their property. It’s pretty rad.
Last night we made it in to Kaanapali to go to the Cirque Polynesia show. It was fun. More basic than a Vegas Cirque show but entertaining nonetheless. It was funny to go back to that area which was where we first stayed on the very first trip to Maui we had 6 years ago. It was a huge confirmation that we are so glad to be up here on the North Shore. Tourist Mecca is NOT for us. We were surrounded by old people or families with young children; such a vast difference from the north shore where all the young locals live. Also, you just don’t feel like you’re getting the true island experience down there with all the mowed grass and big contrived hotels. I love being tucked away in the jungle here.

Today we drove the back road to Hana, not making it all the way actually to Hana. It was very cool. Once again we got to see a totally different landscape of dry scrub land overhanging black lava rock and cliffs on the vast blue ocean. More fabulous photos were taken and we’re accumulating quite the photo record of our trip. For dinner we met up with Sarah and Gerry Kramer who happened to be here on vacation too. They’re staying down in Kaanapali and they came up to have dinner with us at Fresh Mint in Paia. It was ta-sty!! We then headed over to Paia tattoo shop for an art show with a Valentine’s Day theme. It was quite hopping and busy there! Got to meet the guys who work there and hopefully we can make some friends. The shop is spacious and very nice.

Tomorrow is our anniversary; 5 blissful years! Not sure what we’ll do during the day but dinner will be had at Mama’s Fish House here on the North Shore which should be yummy. I look forward to giving Adam his present. =)

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“Maui Blog Update” Comments

AdamSkyArtist said on Sunday, February 14, 2010 - 11:49 AM

Valentines Day Noogies? Is that my present?

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