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Member since July 22, 2007 - Page Hits: 269

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sadiek's Guestbook

Thu Aug 23, 2007 6:14 pm
by: aa_tanukiArtist

just wanted to say nice work (im apprenticing at forever yours) and i hope all is well at steady, its been a while since i visited

Sat Jul 28, 2007 7:04 pm
by: jedhillArtist

enjoyed your gallery , congratulations
good advice from your blog too

Fri Jul 27, 2007 4:08 pm
by: The_HyenaArtist

Its the same old story. Higgs is always fifty steps ahead of the game, inventing new rules to play by, and different, more honest ways to see things.

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sadiek's Blog

Thursday, July 26, 2007 - 11:41 PM

apprentice advice

I was just reviewing some of the notes I took while I was apprenticing, and I came across this on the last page, and had to share.

A good apprentice:

- keeps its mouth shut as much as possible
- shows up on time or early, calls if it will be late or absent
- gets its projects and chores done in a timely manner
- draws and/or paints EVERY day
- notices things that need to be done and does them without being asked & without reward
- writes notes every day, certainly on every tattoo
- is humble and easygoing
- works hard
- doesn't gossip
- has king kong balls (or in my case, mountain lion balls)
- expects nothing and is therefore always pleasantly surprised and grateful
- doesn't take it personally
- keeps its eye on the prize

I'm sure I didn't live up to half of that, but it's good advice! [/b]

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rampant truthseeker

Location: Los Angeles, California, United States

Sex: Female

Age: 43

Marital Status: Married

Sign: Capricorn

I joined Tattoodles because: Read Street is an incredilbe resource.

Body type: human

My tattoos: My favorite is a Japanese phoenix that starts on my chest and ends at my knees, done by Chris Trevino at Perfection Tattoo in Austin, TX.

My tattoo wishlist: I would love to get tattooed by Grime, Phil Holt, Noble, Jeff Rassier, Jeff Zuck, Seth Ciferri, Henry Lewis...and so many others. But I'm going to run out of room soon.

My body mods: fishook through my monkey hole

Fave TV: off

Fave books: PLEASE if someone has a copy of Dan Higgs' "Doomsday Bonnet"...let me see it! I want to see that book so bad it hurts, and I can't find a copy. If anyone has a copy they want to sell me, I'll do anything! (within reason)

Member since: Sun Jul 22, 2007 9:45 pm

Vices: havana lake, ochre, olive green

Favorite quote: Work. Keep digging your well. Don't think about getting off of work. Water is there somewhere.

- rumi


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