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Member since October 17, 2009 - Page Hits: 67

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women belong in the kitchen, not tattooing.

they call me styles, Im 33 and I been tattooing for just about 3 years since being mentored.
I work in a steady,not real busy street shop that mainly does a lot of flash. been drawing since I was a little kid, but never attended art school.
I played in a number of bands over the course of 15 years.
bands called morgatory,insatanity, I played lead guitar and fronted a band called sindrome later known as serenity lost. I started tattooing a little later in life then I would like. so now I love to just absorb info from other great artist and expand my art to whole new levels.

frank pirrone

Location: philladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Sex: Male

Age: 42

Marital Status: In a relationship

Job: tattooist

Sign: Pisces

I joined Tattoodles because: this is home of some of the most respected artist in the industry

Body type: small and slender

My tattoos: light saber ,skull and dagger on my thigh,alien in flames many more

My tattoo wishlist: I would love a comic book panel sleeve. and an awesome portrait of yoda.

My body mods: don't like piercings or any other modification. only tattoos

Fave bands: iron maiden,slayer,lamb of god,opeth,killswitch engaged

Fave flicks: starwars,LOTR, and mostly all sci fantasy.

Fave TV: football, history, discovery and fox news.

Fave books: comic books. reading takes up to much of my time.

Fave foods: mostly all Italian food, seafood,

Member since: Sat Oct 17, 2009 6:46 pm

Vices: smoking cigs, drinking miller lites,

Current crush: just my girl friend

Most embarrassing moment: when I was 16 my friends drew dicks and vulgar words on my face while I was sleeping. woke me< then said hey lets go to the store to get smokes. me like an idiot went out without looking in the mirror and the just started cracking up when I said, what the fuck are all these people looking at.

Favorite quote: rape isnt funny unless there is a clown involved.

My favorite hangout: a little bar in my area. its kind of like cheers.


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