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Sat Dec 13, 2008 2:07 pm
by: jedhillArtist

thanks Jake , Regards,

Sun Nov 30, 2008 8:00 pm
by: debyarianArtist

Thank you for the visit and comment.

Sun Nov 16, 2008 2:25 am
by: SeanCox

This guy sounds just like you!

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tattoojake's Blog

Friday, November 28, 2008 - 01:55 PM


CUSTOMER ETIQUETTE - AN ARTIST'S PERSPECTIVE Courtesy of Rajhi at Tornado Tattoo OK,USA/Inked Nation

Ammended by Tattoo Jake 2007

The Tattoo Industry is a Customer Driven Economy. You, as the customer, have rights, as well as responsibilities. You have the right to a great tattoo. You have the responsibility to ensure that you are getting tattooed in a safe, and sterile environment, by an experienced professional tattoo artist.

Once you are in the caring arms of a professional tattoo artist, you will need to express *exactly* what you are thinking about as your new tattoo. What your design idea is, what it means to you, where you want it, and ask your artist what they think about it.

In the design process, some artists prefer a consultation prior to scheduling your appointment. If for any reason you can't make your consultation or any appointment with your artist, you must call in as early as possible. This simple show of respect will be greatly appreciated by your artist.Additionally most studios require a deposit that will be forfeited without
24 hours advance notice.

Before your tattoo session, eat Donuts,cookies or cake to raise blood sugar levels and provide a stable system for tattooing. No alcohol,aspirin,advil or any other anti-coagulants(blood thinners) for at least 48 hours prior to getting tattooed and then for an additional 48 hours after.(Note: A tattoo artist can see exactly what you did during the healing process....) The thinning of blood causes excessive bleeding and the creation of scab on the tattoo, which is an indication of poor aftercare practise....A light ,sunburn like flaking should start to appear around day 3, this is a proper amount of scabbing. ..Personal hygiene is a must. Nice breath is a bonus too... Don't try to shave your tattoo area yourself; razors can slice off a layer of tattoo canvas! Drink water, be hydrated, and bring some water with you to drink during your tattoo session.

During your tattoo session, sit quietly and very still.Do Not talk with your hands, nod your head or even scratch your nose without asking the artist to stop.Do Not hold your breath or hyper-ventilate just breathe easy and relax.

The artist needs to know in advance especially if you intend to cough or sneeze. Tensing up will cause the tattoo to be more painful. If you need a break for any reason,just let the artist know. Relax, although this may be your first tattoo, your artist has done many, they are a professional and will take good care of you. Your artist will usually strike up a conversation when it is okay for them to talk. If you feel light-headed or nausea let your artist know as soon as you feel clammy-handed and dizzy. These feelings are referred to as a "White-Out", no big deal, it's usually from low blood sugar combined with the adrenaline rush, due to not eating properly beforehand, so if you feel a little dizzy, just eat some candy and drink some water under this nice fan for about 5-10 mins.

After your tattoo session, listen, listen closely to your artist when they instruct you about the care of your new tattoo. A beautiful tattoo has two main parts:
The Application, handled by those caring professional artists, and the Healing, handled by you, as explained in the Aftercare Instructions provided to you by the artist. Important stuff there, hang on to it, read it in the car, then tape it to the bathroom mirror, and read it again in the morning. Follow the aftercare instructions exactly.
DO NOT listen to your friend's advice on healing tattoos, they are not knowledgeable professionals, and besides they won't be the ones touching up the tattoo if it is not cared for properly. Take three weeks practicing good care of your new tattoo and it will show great for years. Don't, and that will show, for years too.

Touch-ups are determined by the artist. A period of 4-6 weeks healing time is required before touching up the tattoo to insure that it is fully healed and the surrounding tissue is ready to be tattooed again.

***A Note to Outsiders,Friends, Spouses, and adjacent family members at the studio to provide support for the person getting tattooed: The person getting tattooed is the person the artist needs to deal with . It is extremely difficult to be attentive when "outsiders" are continually questioning the design or artist or offering their "suggestions" for the tattoo "they" are NOT getting. The worst of these cases include the "spouse" saying things like; "You are not getting that"..... or "I'd like to see it in color"......Here's some advice ; "Let the person getting tattooed get tattooed and keep your "outsider" opinion to yourself........Thus not annoying the artist or canvas during the tattoo consultation process. Another short note to the "canvas".... Changing your mind on the tattoo design after arriving 15 mins. late for the appointment is not acceptable.Especially if the artist has already done a 1 hr. constultation and 4 hrs of custom artwork.
Good Luck People!

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Tattooing all over Canada for over 30 years,
A specialist in cover-up ,repair and the tattooing of scar tissue.The only place on the human body I have not tattooed is the eyelids.

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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I follow Old School Rules and Ethics and try to enlighten those whom are mis-guided or mis-informed. I don't beleive in TV Star Tattoo People and Rock Star Wannabees. If you are all about the hype instead of solid ink save your breath... 'cause it probably smells like $hit anyway.

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i would have to say the smell of burning rubber and nitrous at the drag strip.

My favorite poison: Nicotine

My favorite hangout: Rail City Studios in the booth...


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