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Submit by Snail Mail

No scanner? No problem! Just drop your tattoo flash into an envelope and mail away to our world headquarters. Images can be on any sized paper with any amount of designs per page. We'll scan your art and enter it into our database ourselves! If you don't already have a Tattoodles account, please include a business card with all your personal information like your name, the shop you work at and the shop's location as well as a proper email address. We'll email you your user name and password as soon as you're approved for membership.

Please mail to:

Tattoodles Online, Inc.
508 H Street NE
Wahington, DC 20002

If you have any questions, Contact Us.

Please note that any hard copies of your work that you submit to will not be returned. Please do NOT send original artworks. Submissions will be evaluated and edited for quality. Not all submissions will entitle the artist to a free membership or membership credits. Copyright is retained by the artist although in making a submission you are deferring full rights to Tattoodles Online, Inc. to use as we see fit.