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How to draw successful tattoo designs!

Toodles gives up some trade secrets on how to make some duckets selling your art to tattooists.

by AdamSkyArtist

March 2, 2005

Got a burning question about tattooing but were afraid to ask? Fire Toodles an email! This week we explore some of the more 'cryptic' email we get in the Tattoodles mail bag. Believe me folks, we couldn't possibly make these questions up.

Dear Toodles,
I have been drawing my own tattoos for about a year now and I have a good collection of them. I would like to know what the best way is of selling them to a tattoo artist. Any information would help me a lot.


Y’know Lindsay, we get this question a lot. The short answer is to make it workable for most tattoo shops. By the way, we call those designs ‘flash’. Make it 11x14 inches, be sure to include line drawings on a separate sheet from the colored pictures, and make sure there are boobs in there somewhere.

Mmmmm. . .boobs. . . .

Dear Toodles,
Do you guys know of anyone in the area of South Carolina that will do tattoos on fingers such as a wedding band? I have been looking but not successful. Why is it that most artists won't do them? Thanks for help that you may be able to give.


Well Michelle, tattooing is currently illegal in South Carolina. I’m guessing that’s a big part of the problem.

Dear Toodles,
What is the best tattoo?


Dear Crystal,
It would have to be that one with the thing, and its like, going into the other thing. . . No, not the pointy thing, the other one, yea. . . That one.
That one rocks.

Dear Toodles,
How is your website?

Mike Hutch

Mike Hunt!? You think that’s funny!? You think I didn’t catch that one!? You think you can just waltz in here and try. . Er. .. What?. . .Ohhhhhhh Mike HUTCH. . .
Oh . . .sorry.

Um, the website?. . . its cool man.

Dear Toodles,
I am Mustafizur. I live in Bangladesh. I have a saloon. But I need to tall you something. The tattoo stoker which stay long time. It is not here. I want to make a contact for it. Sir here has lot of young man and woman. They want it. This is the right time for giving tattoo. It is a great opportunity for me. Because if I get it here, Then I can earn every month lot of money. If I earn lot of money then you can earn lot of money too. So sir give me some advice or help about it.

Thanks for your time. Have a nice day.



A SALOON!? SWEET! Do, like, cowboys have fistfights in there and stuff? I guess that’s what the “stoker” is for huh? Yea, I figured.

Anyway Mustafizur I’d love to help you, but after the saloon part I’m just not following what it is you’re asking for. But if I’m reading you right your looking for a way to make a lot of money via tattooing. I’ll let you in on a little secret, Musty, the real money in this biz isn’t in the tattoos themselves, oh no, it’s in the T-SHIRTS, bro! Just print a few hundred up with “Mustafizur’s Tat Shack” on the front and a witty saying like “Fuck yea my fuckin’ tattoo hurt you fucking fucks!” on the back and you’ll be rolling in dolla. . Er, rupees. . . In no time.

Dear Toodles,
Do you do tatty teddies tattoos me to you teddies?

Huh? Wha… Tatty teddies? Tattoos me to you? Either I gotta quit drinking so much Kevin, or you do! Here let me down this six pack real quick so we can be on the same level here

*pop* *glugglugglug* *pop* *glugglugglug* *pop* *glugglugglug* *pop* *glugglugglug* *pop* *glugglugglug* *pop* *glugglugglug*

. . . Okey doskey Kev, whas yer question again hmmmmmm? Oh yea, well pally, lemmie tell you ‘bout some teddies, them sunsa bitches er always in mah yard, and one day ima gon shoot one! They think they better than us Kev, but we know who the real teddies tattoos me to you are around here, right? RIGHT!? Oh shure they got purdy mouths. . Just like a lil birdie. . Tweet tweet tweet. . . . Tweet. .


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