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Ich bin ein Tattoodler

Tattoodles Online V3.0

by britishinkArtist

November 16, 2011

Tattoodles has always been a part of my tattooing career. I remember sitting at the beige PC in 1999 while the modem chirped and connected me with the community. I felt like people who actually "got it" were there to talk with.

A fresh dozen pair of eyes for a new drawing, a few thousand sick minded individuals who'd "get it" regardles of how obscure a reference was.

I made it a point to check in and regularly. So as a matter of habit every cigarette is a Read Street check in. This has been going on for more than ten years, I have become very attached to this site, so much so that I took the reins of Tattoodles Online Inc. this November, 2011.

Slowly things will begin to change. The enthusiasts will have more to look at, read and talk about and the Validated Artists of The Read Street Tattoo Forum will have goodies strewn before them.

I feel I owe something back to this community, I will treat it with gentleness and compassion and, when it warrents, a bitch slap or two.

Watch the forum, watch the front page, watch the skies above, Tattoodles V3.0 is coming.


Paul Roe

Editor in Chief

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