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Magazine User's Guide

Welcome to The Mag, our online tattoo magazine. The Mag is intended as a service to inform and educate our viewers on the wonderful world of tattooing and tattoo art. The magazine can be viewed by all but certain articles are only available to subscribers.


Start by clicking on any of the teaser titles on The Mags home page or click through the table of contents on the left navigation. Opening each feature will show you the most recent article. New articles are published mostly each month. Some features will rotate in at different time intervals such as Tattoos 101 which showcases a new thesis every few months. Tattoos 101 is a bit more belated because of the highly technical aspect to its content and because of the high brow nature of this feature, we invest a great amount of energy into research and production. On the flip side, you can enjoy a new featured tattoo artist every month.

Much of The Mags content is interactive. If you have a question about tattooing you can click on our Ask Toodles feature to pose your query and to read responses to just a sample of some of the hilarious correspondence we get at Of course, you can read or make a comment about any of our features on The Mag by adding your comments at the bottom of each article.

Some of the features in The Mag are for tattoo artists only. Only members who are flagged as Tattoodles validated, professional tattooists are allowed access to these articles. To become a validated tattooist, you must fill out a tattoo artist members profile with all of the necessary information to verify your status as a professional tattooist. Weve protected these articles from the general public as we feel that highly technical discussions about the application of tattoos isnt something for people who havent completed their training as professional tattooers. Fragments of information about the application of tattooing can be damaging to the trade if digested by people who dont know the full scope of how sensitive information affects our industry.

We've brought you The Mag for many reasons; to help guide you through the mysterious world of tattooing and to make you feel a part of something thats bigger than just you or me, and that's the world wide tattoo community. Be sure to check out our handy search engine for a quick way to scan all of our current and past articles for specific topics. Also, if you feel that theres a topic that we havent touched on with The Mag, please dont hesitate to contact us and let us know.