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Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

Toodles the EditorThe Mag is an online tattoo magazine written by tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts for tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts. There are no pornographers cum tattoo aficionados here, just tattoo aficionados cum porngraphers.

Sometimes we publish articles that really have nothing to do with tattooing and frankly because we have no censors to guide us, we do as we please. The Mag is primarily about tattoo culture and sometimes being well cultured means stepping out of traditional boundaries.

Here at Tattoodles Online we feel strongly that people who are not trained, professional, shop-working tattooers do not need to read about technically-specific topics regarding the application of tattoos. So, we've locked out certain areas of The Mag to non-pro's as these topics are something that the general public doesn't need to read about. Qaulified readers are pro tattooers who've completed their training as tattooers and are working in street shop environments. The locked out portion of The Mag gives us a venue for open and frank conversation about technical issues without the worry that we may pass on harmful, incomplete information to someone who may not yet know the full scope about how tattooing works. Members of our web site that are professional tattooers and who have had their subscription accounts validated and flagged as a pro tattooer will have access to these features. If you are a professional, shop working tattoo artist you can apply for access to these locked out features by filling out your Tattoo Artist Member's Profile during the course of the signup procedure.

Our Mission with The Mag is to procure an online tattoo experience like no other. We want you as our reader to be informed, entertained and feel like you're part of a movement and community that's larger than just a bunch of tattooed freaks sitting behind a web server somewhere amidst the empty pizza boxes.

You may be surprised at some of the opinions in the articles and editorials offered in The Mag. You may become upset, you may laugh, you may flip out and kick your mom in the head or you may have a coronary and die but we certainly hope that The Mag will instill a reaction in an otherwise mundane surfing experience. The opinions expressed by our writers may not relect the views of the staff or the editors or owner of Tattoodles Online but then again, they just might. You never know! And who cares? After all, it's just so many words on your monitor.

We're always looking for feedback, so if you've got a moment and an opinion, please feel free to contact us and tell us how we're doing. We promise to publish any really ridiculous email you may send us so we can all berate and ridicule you later. Because ridiculing complete strangers makes us feel like our pathetic and sad excuse for an existence is just a little more tolerable.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our web site and to read this Editorial Policy. I can't believe you made it through the whole thing. Perhaps you should get outside for a while and maybe meet someone nice. You might realize that you're going to look back on all this when you're older and kick yourself for how much quality time you wasted screwing around on the Internet.