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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Getting a Tattoo...

...But Were Afraid to Ask!

by AdamSkyArtist

January 17, 2012

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Getting a tattoo!It's important when shopping for your tattoo to resist the urge to bargain hunt. We're all hard wired with the need to find the best deal possible but shut down those urges before stepping into the tattoo shop. It's considered very bad taste to haggle with your artist and it won't inspire him to spend the necessary amount of time with you to do a good job. You're hiring an artist to create something for you; you're not buying a new pair of sneakers. Good tattoos aren't cheap and cheap tattoos aren't good.

Should I tip the tattoo artist?

If a tattoo artist really goes that extra mile to make sure you're happy with the finished result, then a tip is always well appreciated, but certainly never expected. If you want to tip, a cash tip of 15% is a generous place to start. Some customers really go out of their way to find out about the artist's hobbies and tastes and bring gifts in lieu of a tip. If you're extremely happy with your tattoo and you want to express your happiness to your artist, gift giving is a classy way to show your appreciation.

Can I ever get my tattoo removed?

For certain, you should never consider getting a tattoo if in the back of your mind you're already planning on having it removed one day. For all intents and purposes, any tattoo is a permanent mark on your body. Its permanence is part of the joy of owning a really beautiful tattoo. Getting tattooed as a rash reaction to something that's happening in your life, such as a boyfriend or girlfriend breaking up with you is a recipe for regret later down the road, so carefully consider your decision to get a tattoo before jumping in to the chair.

A very stubborn and worrisome urban myth is that there's a tattoo ink or tattooing process that makes a tattoo which fades away after several months. This is patently false information. If a needle is puncturing your skin with any sort of ink, it will leave a PERMANENT MARK. Any person who is promising you a service contrary to this is either grossly misinformed or is a bald faced liar.

Removing a tattoo is a painful and expensive process. The most modern method of removing tattoos is done with laser surgery. The laser blasts the ink particles under your skin and allows your body to naturally flush it away over time. The process is reported to be far more painful than getting the tattoo in the first place and the results may not be 100% effective as portions of the tattoo may remain, even after several sessions of continuously lightening the tattoo with the laser. Laser surgery is also very expensive. A $100 tattoo might cost you over a thousand dollars to remove!


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