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Help Category: Log In Help
I enter my login name and password but I can't get logged in.

This topic discusses how 'cookies' or firewalls can become an issue and prevent some users from logging in and staying logged in.

Every time you visit, you'll need to log in to your account before you can enjoy our services. To log in, simply visit the login area located in the top right hand corner of your browser. In the provided fields, enter your user name and password that you provided for us when you intitially signed up.

If you experience difficulties with logging on you might want to check your privacy settings on your web browser and make sure that your browser's privacy settings is set to accept 'cookies'. 'cookies' your computer when you log on to our database. If your privacy settings are set too high, as to not allow for cookies, you might experience issues staying logged on to our site.

Step 1:

  • * In Internet Explorer click Tools/Internet Options/Privacy and select 'default' then click Apply. Restart your web browser or your computer after you finish making this adjustment.
  • * Using an AOL browser, click on the Settings button on the AOL toolbar. Pull down and select the Preferences in the menu. Click on Internet Properties (WWW) under the "Organization" column. Click on Privacy tab. The default privacy setting for the AOL 8 (and previous) Web browser is Medium. Once you've made your selection, click the Okay button. Restart your web browser or your computer after you finish making this adjustment.
  • * Using a Firefox browser, by default, cookies are enabled.

For a visual, detailed walkthough explaining how to adjust your privacy settings (cookies) on a variety of popular web browsers, please visit this topic:

Step 2:

  • If you have a firewall, this may also be preventing you from being able to log in. Most firewall software is set by default to allow us to cookie your computer or for your computer to relay information to our web site. If you firewall's security settings are too high, your computer may not be able to communicate properly with our web site and you will not be able to sign up successfully. Try turning off your firewall entirely and then try to sign up. If your firewall is the culprit, you may wish to readjust your firewall settings.

Step 3:

  • Norton Internet Security is also a known software conflict with our signup and login page. If you're running Norton Internet Security, you'll need to adjust your security settings before signing up or logging in. Click here for complete instructions

Tattoodles Online does not offer technical advice on how to user your computer or web browser. Any adjustments you make to your computer is strictly done so at your own risk. is designed to run flawlessly while being viewed with most major web browsers set at their default, factory settings. If you're experiencing a problem with navigating our web site, I'd suggest that you're experiencing technical issues related to your computer and not our web site. We highly suggest consulting with the appropriate support representative or network administrator in regards to proper performance of your hardware or operating system.


  • Last updated: June 06, 2005
  • Created: February 22, 2005