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Help Category: General Help
How many tattoo designs am I allowed to print or save?

This article will help you understand the rules regarding printing and saving tattoo designs.


A subscription membership to Tattoodles will allow you access to our entire tattoo design database. Not only will you be subscribing to the Web's largest online tattoo design resource but you'll be able to print or save any of the designs that we've made available. Print off one design or print off seventy; it's all included in the price of your subscription. As well, you'll notice weekly updates to our database so a longer subscription means even more designs to choose from. Unlike our competitor's sites, we don't limit you to one or two design downloads. You quite literally get 'the keys to the shop' when you're a subscriber.

What also sets apart is that a subscription membership will give you full access to all of the tattoo artists who make their services available through The Hood, our online tattoo community area. If you can't find what you're looking for, please feel free to contact any of our participating artists and request a custom tattoo designed just for you. The cost of custom design is not included in your subscription and should be arranged between you and the artist.

  • Last updated: February 15, 2012
  • Created: October 20, 2004