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Submitting tattoo flash: Free memberships are given to tattoo artists who submit their own original flash for posting on You can submit electronically by going through the steps below OR you can drop hard copies of your flash into an envelope and mail to our office. Once we have your tattoo art a member from our team will evaluate your work and credit you a membership if your work meets the criteria for the level of quality that assumes.

• A FREE ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION is awarded when we accept 12 or more of your designs to our gallery!

• A FREE ONE MONTH SUBSCRIPTION is awarded when we accept less than 12 of your designs to our gallery!

adam at work

Submission Info

If you would like to submit via snail mail Click Here

If you would like to submit your tattoo flash as electronic image files for posting on Tattoodles, please be sure to read the following information carefully:

  • Be sure to only submit your own, original designs for posting.
  • Please send only fully rendered tattoo flash.
  • Please send your image files in JPG or GIF format. 72 dpi is preferable.
  • Limit your file attachments to 200 KB per submission.

You must be a tattoodles member to submit. Please sign up now for a free limited access account, and we'll credit your account with free subscription time once we've accepted your tattoo designs!

Once we have your image submissions, a member of our team will evaluate the quality of your submissions. You will be contacted with a reply to your art submission usually within 24 hours. If we choose to post your submission, then and only then will you be awarded with a free membership. If you have any questions Contact Us.

Please note that submissions will be evaluated and edited for quality. Not all submissions will entitle the artist to a free membership or membership credits. Copyright is retained by the artist although in making a submission you are deferring full rights to Tattoodles Online, Inc. to use as we see fit.


Only validated Tattoodles Tattoo Artists are qualified to submit their tattoo photos to our Photo Gallery. If you are a professional, shop working tattoo artist, we invite you to sign up now for an account, or log in to your existing account now. Once you are logged in, visit your Settings & Profile page and jump to "Tattoo Artist Details" to begin the application process.