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Mission Statement

Toodles ScoutHere at, we aim to build THE most comprehensive source on the Web for all that is related to tattoos in the following ways:

  • 1. We intend to bring tattoo artists together within a friendly, open environment that provides a venue in which ideas, news and opinions can be discussed and shared. This same philosophy carries over to tattoo enthusiasts who wish to learn more about the elusive world of tattooing, and chat with fellow enthusiasts.
  • 2. We will provide the largest, ever-growing database of tattoo flash for tattoo artists to utilize as tattoo design reference. We also offer these designs to the general public looking for a convenient, non-threatening place to download and print off the best designs and the most designs, with the artists' permission.
  • 3. We wish to provide an online magazine that will be informative, innovative, and all-encompassing of what is currently going on in the world of tattooing today. One of Tattoodles' top priorities is to properly educate the general public on facts of tattooing and debunk the many myths and inaccuracies. Our dream is that each and every client looking for the perfect tattoo will end up with a beautiful piece that they will enjoy for years to come.
  • 4. will lead the way in creating the first online community strictly focusing on tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike. This community will allow those who love tattoos to communicate, share ideas, and self-promote in a virtual world where all is welcome.

    In combining each service mentioned above, tattoodles will essentially become the center of the online tattoo universe. What you have before you is not just a Web site but a genuine universal art project that is unique to not only the Web but to any media; a place where artists have come together and combined their talents to bring you a collective tattoo art resource that is constantly moving, growing and expanding. We aim to be second to none by executing all aspects of Tattoodles with integrity, respect and the utmost in service. When one thinks of tattoos on the web, they will automatically think